Q1. Are you Moving or Relocating?
a. I'm moving/relocating on campus.
b. I'm moving/relocating off campus.
c. I'm leaving the University.
d. I'm requesting to move an office or lab.
e. The move involves hazardous materials.
f. There are items with asset tags.
g. Items include a computer.
Q2. Are you Disposing of Furniture, Equipment, or Bio-Hazardous Materials?
a. The item has an asset tag.
b. The item is or has been exposed to materials that are bio-hazardous
Q3. Are you requesting an EHS inspection?
If the lab equipment has been exposed to biological materials, please visit https://www.ehs.pitt.edu/assets/docs/EquipmentDecontaminationCertificate.pdf and complete the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Certificate.

Guidelines for Laboratory Equipment Decontamination available at: https://www.ehs.pitt.edu/assets/docs/Guidelines-EquipmentDecontamination.pdf

Q4. Do you have a work request for any of the services below?

a. Electrical
b. Carpentry
c. Plumbing
d. Port Installation/Removal
e. PC Reconfiguration
f. Telephone

Q5. Are you making a Purchase?
a. It's a new purchase.
b. It's a replacement.
c. It involves hazardous materials.

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