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Formal Training: Specialty Forms Online Training


Specialty Forms training is mandatory for approvers, authors of contracts-for-services, and those who submit paper disbursements. Live sessions have concluded and training is now available online.




The prerequisite for Specialty Forms training is Purchasing Fundamentals training.





Email Cathy Lewis at to register for the online version of Specialty Forms training. Once you are registered, you will receive login information via email.


Note: Registration is REQUIRED if you are in the process of satisfying training requirements in order to obtain access to Specialty Forms in the PantherExpress System. However, if you have already completed and received credit for Specialty Forms training and simply want a refresher, then you may use the links below without registering with Cathy Lewis.



Specialty Forms Training Modules




Recorded Webinar Training for changes to Services Agreements that occurred after May 2, 2016

The PSA submission process changed on May 2, 2016, in addition to process changes, the name of the PSA has been changed to "Services Agreement". The recorded webinar covers the changes in detail and provides instructions on how to submit Services Agreements (formerly PSAs) through the PantherExpress System.

Non-Contract Specialty Forms How to request a payment using a specialty form that is not related to a contract (also known as agreements).
Contract Related Specialty Forms How to request a payment using a specialty form that is related to a contract. Examples include the following contracts (also known as agreements): conference, event, services, research subcontract, and supplier provided agreements.
Using the Other Payment Request How to request a payment that does not require a contract and is not a dues payment, membership registration payment, or refund request.
Making Payment to a New Supplier How to add and pay a new supplier.
Modifying an Approved Specialty Form How to change a contract amount.
Changing an Account Number when Entering an Invoice How to change account numbers during invoicing.
Specialty Forms Status Check How to check approval status and payment status.
Recorded Webinar Training for changes to the following Specialty Forms: Other, Dues and Memberships, and Refunds: December 20, 2016
January 03, 2017
Supporting PowerPoint Slides
Several processes for the Other, Dues and Membership, and Refund Specialty Forms changed in December 2016. The recorded webinars (two dates/same content) cover the changes in detail and provide instructions on how to submit the Forms.



Specialty Forms Webinars


Services Agreement Webinars

A series of webinars were held in April, 2016 to inform the PantherExpress System specialty forms users of the changes to services agreements and other changes related to Specialty Forms processes. Training was concluded on April 28, 2016. Webinars on this topic are not scheduled at this time. Future webinars on this topic (if offered) will be listed here.



User Guide


User Guide: PantherExpress System Specialty Forms User Guide (65 pages)

FAQs and Other Specialty Forms Training Resources


Specialty Forms - Background & History

RC and Departmental Level Business Managers were introduced to Specialty Forms (via webinar) in December 2013. Business Managers were introduced to the new functionality, and they were asked to submit Specialty Forms Training Needs Assessments to identify how many people from each RC will require Specialty Forms training.

Specialty Forms Training Needs Assessment

Business Managers (RC and Departmental Level) completed online Needs Assessments in order to identify individuals in each organization who perform the following functions:

  • author contracts for services, and/or;
  • submit paper disbursement requests; and
  • individuals who approve these transactions. 

Specialty Forms Training is mandatory for those who perform the bulleted functions above.

Important Dates

  • Online Needs Assessment surveys (completed by RC & Departmental Business Managers) were submitted by December 20, 2013.

  • Training for those identified on the Needs Assessment survey began on January 21, 2014, and all Pittsburgh campus responsibility centers were trained by June 30, 2014.

Contact Information

For questions, contact PantherExpress Customer Service by submitting an inquiry or by calling 412-624-3578



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