PantherExpress System Specialty Forms - All FAQs



Please note, all FAQs are as originally published and have not yet been updated to reflect changes in processes or as a result of the switch from iExpense to Concur. If you are uncertain about a FAQ answer or have questions, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service by submitting an inquiry, sending an email, or calling 412-624-3578.




Specialty Forms: Top Five FAQs for October and November 2015



1. My supplier has not received my purchase order; what should I do?

Go into your purchase order and choose “Print Fax Version.” Print out the document and email or fax to the supplier.

2. My supplier charged a tax on my order. Aren’t we tax exempt?

Yes, the University of Pittsburgh is sales tax exempt. Go to this page to see our Pennsylvania sales tax exemption certificate. Print the certificate and email or fax it to your supplier. We are not tax exempt in every state. View this page for information about whicih states do and do not permit exemptions.

3. My supplier has not yet received our wire payment; what should I do?

A wire can take up to 10 business days or 2-3 weeks to be processed and received depending on the country and the amount of banks the payment may need to go through. If the payee has not received payment, please call the PantherExpress Customer Service team at 412-624-3578 or submit an inquiry and a customer service agent can give you the status of the wire.

4. If someone approves my requisition as the department approver and then, the same person approves it again as the second signature approver, will it be paid twice?

No, it will only be paid once. This occurs when you have “New Supplier” as the supplier name. The department approver is approving the addition of the supplier. Then, the second signature approver is approving the actual transaction.

5. I’m still unsure which Specialty Forms require an invoice to be created after a purchase order is generated, and which Specialty Forms only require attaching an invoice when creating the requisition.

For any Specialty Form that has a contract associated with it, you will create an invoice after the requisition becomes a purchase order. This includes the following Specialty Forms: Conference & Event Agreement, Professional Services Agreement, Research Subcontract/Contracted Services Agreement, and the Supplier Provided Agreement.

For any Specialty Form that does not have a contract associated with it, you will simply attach the invoice as the requisition is being created. This includes the following Specialty Forms: Dues, Professional Memberships, Registration and Subscriptions, Other Payment Requests and Refunds.

As a reminder, invoices received as a result of a purchase order from the Non-Catalog, Software for Blanket Standard forms are to be forwarded to Payment Processing with a purchase order number on the Invoice.





Specialty Forms: Top Five FAQs for July and August 2015



1. I received an automated email indicating that my requisition has been returned. Why did this happen?

Requisitions are automatically returned for multiple reasons. However, the most common reason for a returned requisition is an inactive Account number. Please make sure the account code or codes you are placing on a requisition are active prior to resubmitting the requisition.  

If you are unsure whether your account number is active in the PantherExpress System, contact PantherExpress Customer Service with the account number, and a customer service representative will confirm the account number’s status.  You can reach PantherExpress Customer Service at 412-624-3578 or by submitting an inquiry.

If the account number is not yet active, we will send your request (to activate the account) to We will need your full 32-digit account string to activate this account number.  

How long does it take to activate & who can use it? Account number activation takes approximately two business hours.  Once active, the account number will be available to you and others in your department.

2. Can I cancel a punchout-generated purchase order (PO)?

Yes, a punchout PO can be cancelled. However, due to how quickly punch out orders are approved and sent to the supplier, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you contacting the supplier prior to cancelling the PO in the PantherExpress System. Then, add a comment to the PO indicating that you have cancelled it through the supplier. We recommend listing the time, date of your call to the supplier, as well as the name of the person you spoke to on the phone.    If you do not contact the supplier prior to cancelling a punch out order, there is still a chance that the goods will be delivered to you. 

3. Once I have created an invoice on any of the following forms: Conference & Event, Professional Services Agreement, Supplier Provided Agreement, or Research Sub Contract, can I go back into the PO and create another invoice?

Yes, you can create as many invoices as needed; however, the system will not allow you to invoice in excess of the purchase order amount. 

4. Is a quote needed for an order over $5,000? And does it make a difference if the purchase is for equipment?

Yes, all of the documentation listed on the Requisition Checklist is needed. It does not make a difference if the purchase is for equipment.

5. I recently moved to a new department. How do I gain access to my new department’s account codes in order to place orders in the PantherExpress System?

You will need to submit a new User Profile form with the new department codes and roles.



Specialty Forms: Top Five FAQs for May and June 2015

Good News - PantherExpress Customer Service has implemented the Bomgar software solution. It allows us (with your permission) to access your computer and share your screen. 

Contact PantherExpress Customer Service to set up a Bomgar session if you are having trouble completing an order in the PantherExpress System.

Top Five FAQs:

1. I sometimes forget to check the distribution box on the Specialty Form. Does this cause any problems?

With the exception of the Professional Service Agreements, Specialty Form users no longer need to add distribution information to a Specialty Form. All of the Specialty Forms (with the exception of the PSA) in PantherExpress now have a default distribution set. Professional Service Agreements still need to have the distribution information added by the Specialty Forms user.

2. With year-end approaching, is there a way that I can look at my Purchase Orders (POs) to see if I have any outstanding invoices?

Yes. To see what POs have not been fully invoiced for the fiscal year, follow these step-by-step directions. [hyperlink has been added]

3. I do not remember how to create an invoice. Are there any online instructions?

Yes, you can find online instructions to create an invoice in the Specialty Forms User Guide – Ch. 1 pg. 6. And as a reminder, this only applies to the four specialty forms that require contracts: Conference & Event Form, Professional Service Agreement Form, Research Sub-Contract Form and the Supplier Provided Agreement form.

4. When creating my invoice in the PantherExpress System, I am not sure how to attach the paper invoice that I received from the supplier.

To add the supplier’s paper invoice to PantherExpress, you’ll attach the invoice in the Comments tab. Go to Comments click Add Comment, browse your files to find your scanned attachment, and finally click Add Comment (at the bottom of the window) to save it. You will see the invoice attached in the Comments tab and in the Attachments tab on the invoice.

5. Are original (“wet ink”) W8 forms still required?

Original W8 forms are no longer required. In instances where a W8 form is required, we will still accept an original “wet ink” W8, but a copy of the W8 is also acceptable.

Please note: The IRS requires proof of supplier authentication when a copy of a W8 (instead of a wet-ink original W8) is submitted. In most cases, authentication is quickly determined (by PantherExpress Customer Service) during the review process. However, if authenticity is not obvious, a PantherExpress Customer Service representative may contact you for further information (e.g., the supplier’s business email, etc.) in order to confirm the supplier’s authenticity sufficiently to meet the IRS regulations.





Specialty Forms: FAQs for April 2015



1. Cancelling an Event and Processing Refunds

Q: My department recently scheduled an event that had to be cancelled, and we have to refund 30 people their registration fees. How do the refunds need to be processed?

A: If the person receiving the refund is an employee of the University, the refund will be processed through PRISM in the Internet Expense (iExpense) application system. If the person is not an employee, then the refund can be processed through the PantherExpress System. 

In the example above, the department will process the refunds on the Refund Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System. Since the individuals receiving refunds are not suppliers, they will not be added to PRISM or to the PantherExpress System as suppliers. Therefore, they (their names) cannot be selected from the supplier field of the Refund Specialty Form. Neither a W9 nor a Supplier Verification form is needed in this case.

The process to pay refund recipients is as follows:

    1. Open the Refund Specialty Form
    2. Choose New Supplier as the supplier name
    3. Fill out the remainder of the form
    4. Attach a refund letter from your department as an internal document specifying the name and address of the recipient and the amount of the refund. This must be done for each person receiving a refund.
    5. Payment Processing will obtain the recipient’s name from the document that you attached establish the supplier for payment.

2. Catering

Q: My department wants to hold a graduation reception, and we want to include food. What types of catering are available, and what is the procedure for contracting with caterers?

A: General information about events and catering (as well as liquor liability) can be found on the PantherExpress website. Please note, however, that Sodexo should be used for all on-campus catering.

3. Musicians

Q: My department would like to hire musicians to perform at our graduation ceremony. How do I pay for this?

A: You are required to have the following documents when paying for musicians: the Performance Event Agreement, the invoice, and a W9. The Performance Event Agreement is not available on the PantherExpress website because it is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your procurement specialist for assistance. The payment will be processed on a Professional Services Agreement Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System, and all of the mentioned documents should be attached as internal documents.

4. Check Pick-ups

Q: My supplier wants to be paid on the date of the event. Is this possible?

A: Yes, it is possible. The University’s payment terms are, however, “Net 30” i.e. to be paid 30 days after the date of the invoice. Many suppliers are accustomed to being paid 30 days after an event, and departments should adhere to this as much as possible. Paying a supplier before the event subjects the department and the University to potential risks. However, the PantherExpress team recognizes that departments may need an exception. To be able to have a check prepared for pick-up, attach all of the required documents to the appropriate Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System, as applicable: a completed Supplier Verification Form, a W9, a contract, and certificate of liability insurance. After the Specialty Form is processed and a purchase order (PO) is created in the PantherExpress System, obtain an invoice from your supplier and submit the invoice through the “create invoice” process against the PO that was created. Once you have submitted the invoice, contact PantherExpress Customer Service by submitting an inquiry or by calling 412-624-3578 and ask to have the check classified as a “pick-up”. You will receive a call within four business days to let you know that the check is ready to be picked up.

5. Guest Speakers for Graduation Ceremonies

Q: My department will be having a guest speaker at our graduation ceremony. How do I establish a contract with and pay the guest speaker?

A: In order to simplify the request to pay honorariums and expense reimbursements toU.S.visitors, the PRISM Internet Expenses (iExpense) application has been expanded to include honorariums, which allows users to enter both the expense reimbursement and honorarium payment in one system. The speaker can be established in iExpense prior to his or her arrival. Pick-up checks are not offered for guest speakers.

Further Information about Guest Speakers: The iExpense application cannot be used to pay foreign nationals at this time. Payments to foreign nationals must be completed on a paper disbursement request. Substantiated expenses may not be considered tax-reportable according to IRS regulations; however, honorarium paymentsareconsidered reportable on the 1099 form. The IRS requires that payments totaling more than $600 in a calendar year be reported to the IRS on the 1099 form. All honorarium payments need to be in the expense type e.g. honorarium – (type), the expense should follow the expense type for that reimbursement.

In order to separately report the honorarium as tax-reportable, the following new Expense Types have been added to the Non-Employee, Payment process within PRISM Internet Expenses:

  • Honorarium - Board of Visitors
  • Honorarium – Guest Speakers
  • Honorarium – Judge
  • Honorarium – Other
  • Honorarium – Panel Members
  • Honorarium – Peer/Program Review
  • Honorarium – Symposium

Note: If the honoree has not been paid within the last 24 months, in addition to identifying the type of honoree, you also must provide a W9. 

View this announcement for further details about paying guest speakers.

6. Alcohol

Q: My department will be holding a graduation reception, and we are considering serving alcohol at the event. The event may be on or off campus. What do I need to do?

A: If the event is on-campus, contact Sodexo for on-campus catering. On rare occasions, Sodexo may decline alcohol or bartending services. If this happens, you will need to contract for separate alcohol delivery or bartending service, and a certificate of liability insurance evidencing liquor liability will be required. You will process these contracts through the Conference and Event Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System.

If the event is off campus, you should work with the facility where you wish to hold your event. Some facilities will present a contract with a price for the space, food, and alcohol. Other facilities may present separate contracts – one for the space and another, possibly with a specialized caterer, for food and alcohol. For the contract that involves alcohol, you will need a certificate of liability insurance evidencing liquor liability. You will need to submit these contracts, by supplier, through the Conference and Event Specialty form in the PantherExpress System with the appropriate supporting documentation. Please review theevent agreements page on the PantherExpress websitefor further details.

In addition to the above items, you may be asked to provide the following information in order to initiate the payment process:

  • The RC Head’s approval – this can be submitted as a memo with the invoice for payment. 
  • A list of attendees.

7. Photography

Q: My department needs to hire a photographer/videographer for our graduation ceremonies. How do I do that?

A: Use the Photographer/Videographer Agreement found on the PantherExpress website when contracting with a photographer or videographer. If the value of the agreement is $5,000 or less, it may be signed and executed by the supplier and an authorized individual in the department. Agreements valued at greater than $5,000 must be executed by Purchasing Services. Regardless of dollar value, all photographer and videographer agreements must be submitted through the Professional Services Agreement (PSA) Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System.

8. Gifts of Appreciation (Note: This is not a PantherExpress System Specialty Forms question, but Specialty Forms users have asked about this, so we are including it in this FAQ.)

Q: My student employee is graduating, and I want to give him or her a small gift of appreciation. Is this allowable?

A: Gifts of cash or gift cards are unallowable. If you wish to give cash or a gift card to your student, you may use personal funds collected from the department personnel. According to the IRS, gift cards are considered the same as cash. Therefore, gift cards may not be purchased either (unless accompanied by a Dean’s signature of approval).

University departments are permitted to purchase tangible gifts that are less than $50.00. However, tangible gifts over $50.00 are tax reportable and would require a W9 for the recipient of the gift with the cost of the gift be sent to Payment Processing. It is recommended that you purchase your gifts of appreciation at the University Bookstore where an interdepartmental charge will be done.






Specialty Forms: FAQs for March 2015



1. Am I allowed to adjust or remove insurance requirements on my contract if a supplier cannot fulfill the insurance requirement?

Simply contact your Purchasing Services procurement specialist to discuss any requests for changes to the University’s minimum insurance requirements. 

University departments are no longer required to provide an email request from an RC-level head in order to request removal or an adjustment of contractual insurance requirements. The Office of Risk Management, Office of General Counsel and the Purchasing Services Department have decided that the Purchasing Services Department will work with individual University departments on a case-by-case basis in regards to any requests by suppliers for changes to the University’s minimum insurance requirements.

2. I do not know what information is needed for the following Research Subcontract Form fields: Amount, Subcontract Agreement number, Effective Date, and End Date.

Amount: You should enter the total amount that the department anticipates paying the supplier over the life of the prime award.

Subcontract Agreement number: If you do not have a number for this, please enter “N/A”.

Effective Date: This is the date on which the department anticipates beginning to pay the supplier under this specific prime award.

End Date: This is the date on which the department anticipates completing payment to the supplier under this specific prime award.

3. I receive Customer Service Surveys often. Is there a way that I can stop receiving them?

No. Every time a Customer Service Agent closes an inquiry, a survey is automatically sent to the customer. If you do not have time to complete the survey, you can simply delete it. However, you are encouraged to complete the survey as your evaluation keeps us informed of areas where the department can improve.

4. Suppliers often call me to request the status of a payment. Is there anyone that can give them this information directly?

Yes. Just as you contact PantherExpress Customer Service to obtain the payment status, you are welcome to provide your supplier with PantherExpress Customer Service’s phone number (412-624-3578) or email address (, and an agent will provide the supplier with the payment status.

5. With graduation coming up, we need to purchase some flower arrangements for our events. How can I best make this purchase according to University policy?

Flowers and balloons are only permitted to be purchased with the approval of the RC-level head.  If you are required to purchase flowers or balloons for an event, please obtain a memo from your RC-level head prior to submitting a request for payment.  Instructions: Either submit a payment request in the PantherExpress System on the “Other” Specialty Form (RC-level head approval and invoice required); or open your P-card for the purchase with the proper approvals (including RC-level head approval).   Flowers and balloons are not permitted to be purchased for personal reasons.



Specialty Forms: FAQs for February 2015

1. In the Specialty Forms, I have located  my supplier but the remit-to address (the address where the check is to be mailed) is missing. How do I add a remit-to address?

If the remit-to address (the address where the check is to be mailed) is missing, please submit an inquiry to PantherExpress Customer Service to have the remit-to address added.

What about the fulfillment address? The fulfillment address (unlike the remit-to address) is treated differently.  Since neither the Specialty Form nor the PO resulting from it will be sent to the supplier, you may select any fulfillment address. 

2. Whom do I contact for assistance if I have a questions about purchasing or paying for goods and services, the punchouts in the PantherExpress System, or the Standard or Specialty Forms in the PantherExpress System?

For questions on any of these subjects, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm. There are three ways to contact the team:

  • Call PantherExpress Customer Service at 412- 624-3578 (4-3578 or HELP-U on campus).
  • Submit an inquiry to PantherExpress Customer Service with your specific question.
  • Email the PantherExpress Customer Service team at

3. I have created my Specialty Form in the PantherExpress System; however, I don’t know if my invoice was paid. How can I find out?

You can find the payment status in the PantherExpress System by going into the PO and clicking on the Invoices/Credits tab. On this page, you will see an invoice summary listing each invoice received for the PO. Note - If the invoice summary area is blank, no invoices have been received or entered for this PO. If an invoice has been received, the invoice summary information will populate with invoice numbers. In the Buyers Invoice tab, a payment status of “In Process” means that the invoice has not been paid. A Payment Status of “Payable,” indicates the invoice has been exported to PRISM for payment. If you need the check number, please submit an inquiry to PantherExpress Customer Service and a customer service representative will provide you with the check number.

4. When do I need to manually enter an invoice into the PantherExpress System for a Specialty Form, and when is an invoice automatically created for me for a Specialty Form?

For Specialty Forms without Contracts (Other Payment Request Form, Refund Form, Dues/Conferences/Subscriptions Form): The PantherExpress System creates the invoice for you when all of the required approvals for your transaction are completed and your Specialty Form becomes a Purchase Order. The invoice is automatically created for you when the Purchase Order is generated. However, you are still required to attached a PDF or Word copy of your invoice to the Specialty Form. Failing to attach a copy of your invoice may slow down the processing of your payment.

For Specialty Forms with Contracts (PSA, Research Sub-Contract, Supplier Provided Agreement, Conference/Event Form): Invoices for these types of Specialty Forms are manually created by you whenever you have any invoice that needs paid. You must go back to the specific purchase order and “create an invoice” in order to get the invoice paid. Detailed information on how to create an invoice can be found at this link (pg. 6).

5. Is there a way that I can learn more about Specialty Forms?

Yes, while there are no further live Specialty Form training sessions, the training has been converted into an online webinar that can be found here. There are also in-person Specialty Forms Q&A Sessions being held by Stephanie Ford-Jones, Manager of PantherExpress Customer Service.  These sessions are held monthly at the 116 Atwood location conference room. They are small, casual and conversational one-hour sessions designed to answer specific questions about Specialty Forms. Please email Stephanie Ford-Jones if you are interested in attending one of these sessions.

If you have a large area that needs to be re-trained on the basics of completing Specialty Forms, please notify Stephanie Ford-Jones and a date/time can be arranged. 

6. The FAQs are helpful. Is there a webpage where I can see a complete list of all FAQs?

Yes, you will find all of the FAQs on this page.

7. On the Supplier Verification Form, does an authorized representative from the company need to sign Section 1?

In an effort to increase the speed that suppliers are entered into the system, an authorized signature from the supplier is only required if the supplier has claimed DBE (Diversity Business Enterprise) status. This means, if the supplier has checked any of the asterisk (*) boxes in the Size & Demographics of U.S. Business or Minority-Owned U.S. Business Enterprise Information sections, then, a signature from an authorized representative of the company is required.


Top Five FAQs - January 2015

1. How can I tell if my supplier still exists in the supplier database? They are not coming up in the supplier search but I have ordered from them many times before.

If the supplier has never had a purchase order placed with them, then they are not available for purchasing within the PantherExpress system. Depending on the type of Specialty Form you are using, you are required to provide certain documentation to establish the supplier to become a purchasing site (see the matrix to determine what documentation is necessary for the form you are using). Once the supplier is established, you will be able to continually use them for purchasing and paying invoices.

2. How will I know if I created my invoice correctly for my Specialty Form?

If you have created the invoice correctly, you will see the invoice reflected in the Invoices/Credits tab of the PO.

3. How will I know if my invoice has been paid?

When you are in the purchase order, click on the Invoices/Credits tab and open the invoice. You will see “Pay Status.” If it says “In Process,” the invoice has not yet been paid. If it says “Payables,” then, it has been paid. To obtain the check number, please contact customer service by calling 412-624-3578 or by submitting an inquiry.

4. On Section 2 of the Supplier Verification form, who should sign under the “Authorization” section?

A supervisor or business administrator within the department must sign the Authorization section. This person is approving the addition of this supplier and has determined/agreed that a contracted supplier cannot be utilized for this purchase.

5. I want to be able to create my invoice as I am submitting my initial Specialty Form. Can I do that?

No. The user does not have the ability to create an invoice until the requisition becomes a Purchase Order. Once a Purchase Order, the user will go into the newly created a PO and perform “create an invoice” from the Available Actions dropdown menu.


Top Five FAQs - December 2014

1. Are you still holding PantherExpress Specialty Form training sessions?

No, there are no further live Specialty Form training sessions. However, the training has been converted into an online webinar that can be found here. There is also in-person Specialty Forms Q&A Sessions being held by Stephanie Ford-Jones, Manager of PantherExpress Customer Service, monthly at the 116 Atwood location conference room. These are small, casual and conversational one-hour sessions designed to answer specific questions about Specialty Forms. Please email Stephanie Ford-Jones at if you’re interested in attending one of these sessions.

2. What is the average number of days that it takes until a supplier is available in the PantherExpress System after submitting a new Supplier Verification Form?

The PantherExpress team has worked diligently to ensure fast supplier activation in the PantherExpress system. For a Supplier Verification Form with no issues, the turnaround time is 24 hours. However, if there are questions about the Supplier Verification form or if information is missing, it can take longer for activation to occur.

3. For foreign suppliers who want to receive payment in either foreign currency or a wire, can I still process the payment on a Specialty Form?

In Section II of the Supplier Verification form, the department is asked to determine how the supplier would like to receive payment. If a foreign supplier does not want to be paid via a US Dollar check, the payment must be processed on a paper disbursement request. The supplier will not be added to the PantherExpress System thus the need for a paper disbursement form.

4. If a supplier submits a W9 that doesn’t look like the most current W9 form, will you accept it?

Yes. While we like to have the most current form (which is the 2013 form) on file, we will accept other year’s versions of the form.

5. Which forms need a full Supplier Verification form when I need a new supplier added to the PantherExpress System?

A full Supplier Verification Form is always needed for all Standard Form purchases where the supplier is not yet in the PantherExpress System. The only Specialty Forms that require a full Supplier Verification Form for suppliers not yet in the System are the Professional Services Agreement (PSA) and the Supplier Provided Agreement. You may find additional information in the Specialty Forms Submission Matrix.


Top Five FAQs - June 2014

1. From an audit perspective, are electronic copies of the attachments sufficient?

Yes, the electronic copies are sufficient for an audit. However, for record retention purposes, Internal Revenue Service and research regulations require that original documents must be maintained at the department level for seven years or the length of the grant plus three years.

2. Which payment requests must first have a contract established and approved in the PantherExpress System prior to entering an online payment request / invoice?

In order to track payments against the total approved contract value, you must first establish contracts for the following payment types in the PantherExpress System: Conference & Event, Professional Services, Research Sub-Contract, and Supplier Provided Agreements. Once the contract is established, you no longer need to submit a copy of the contract with each invoice for payment.

3. Which Specialty Forms require a full Supplier Verification Form to be completed to get the new supplier into the PantherExpress System?

The only forms that require a full Supplier Verification Form are Professional Services Agreements and Supplier Provided Agreements. All other specialty forms require only a W9 (domestic vendor) or W8 (foreign vendor); except the Refund form, which does not require any attached documentation. 

Non-U.S. independent contractors requesting a reduction in tax withholding under their tax treaty must submit the Foreign National Information Form (FNIF) and other supporting documentation.

NOTE: Any department paying a foreign vendor, for anything other than goods, needs to go through the Foreign Tax Office. Please reference the Foreign National Activity and Payment Guide.

4. Which Specialty Forms have a check pickup available?

Specialty Forms that have a check pickup (4-day turnaround) available are: Other Payment Request form, Dues, Subscriptions and Conference Registration form and Refund form. All other forms (including Standard Forms) will be paid to the terms as outlined in terms and conditions of the contracts. The University’s standard payment terms for purchased commercial goods and services are Net 30.

5. When I establish a research subcontract on the PantherExpress System, does Purchasing Services review it?

No. Purchasing Services does not review research subcontracts regardless of the contract value because they have already been reviewed and approved on paper by the Office of Research. Once subcontracts are established in the PantherExpress System, you may immediately begin entering invoices against them.


Original FAQs - March 2014

1. What is a Specialty Form? 

Specialty forms have been created to replace the existing disbursement requests. There are eight different forms. These are to be used when a supplier does not accept a Purchase Order (PO).

2. Where can I find a check number associated with a payment? 

Although payment requests are created using Specialty Forms in the PantherExpress System, and auditing and approvals occur in the PantherExpress System, the payment/check is generated in PRISM. Therefore, all check numbers will be maintained in PRISM.

3. Can the PantherExpress system be used for Pick-ups?

The system can only be used for a pick-up on the following specialty forms: Other Payment Request, Dues, Subscriptions and Conference Registrations, and Refunds. For emergency situations, you may contact PantherExpress Customer Service at 412-624-3578.

4. Why can a Pick-up not be completed for the following forms: Standard Forms, Professional Service Agreement, Supplier Provider Agreement, Guest Speaker, Research Sub-contract, and Conference and Event agreements?

All of these forms will be paid to the terms as outlined in terms and conditions of contracts.

5. Are travel expenses for guest speakers and independent contractors tax reportable?

Yes, for guest speakers or independent contractors, the amount of the travel expense must be included in the contracted amount. The entire amount will be reported on IRS form 1099 (or 1042S for Non-US independent contractors).

6. Can a wire transfer be completed in the PEX System?

No, all wire transfers must be completed on a paper form and sent directly to Payment Processing

7. Can a foreign payment be completed in the PEX System?

No, due to the tax issues around a foreign payment these will be completed on a paper form outside of the system.

8. What is the retention policy for original documents?

All original documents must be maintained at the department-level for seven years or the length of the grant plus three years.

9. What are the University’s standard payment terms?

Payment terms are normally “Net 30” unless otherwise noted in an agreement.

10. When is a Supplier Verification Form (SVF) required?

A full Supplier Verification Form (and IRS W-9 or W-8 series form, as appropriate) is required for a brand new supplier and for the addition of a first ‘purchasing site’ to any existing vendor not already in the PantherExpress System (an excelption applies to certain specialty forms - see below). 

EXCEPTION: You only need to attach a W-9/W-8 to the "attachments" section to establish a new supplier when using any of the four specialty forms:

  • Conference & Event
  • Research Subcontract/Contracted Services Agreements
  • Dues, Professional Memberships, Registrations, and Subscriptions
  • Other Payment Request

11. Aside from the two occasions mentioned above for creation of a new supplier or addition of a first “purchasing site”, when else is a W8 or W9 required?

A W8 or W9 is required when a new supplier is created or when any changes to an existing supplier exists like an address or name change.

12. If I attach the wrong invoice as an “internal document,” how can I fix it and send the correct invoice?

There is not a way to delete any documents that are attached to a PO in error. To add the corrected invoice, you will scan the invoice, go into comments and add a comment where you are able to attach the invoice to the comment noting that this is the corrected invoice.

13. What can be done if the payment has already been sent and it has been deducted from the incorrect account number?

For an incorrect account number, you will process a journal transfer – deducting the amount from the correct account number and adding the amount to the original account number.

14. Conference Registration - What if the supplier is not in the system? Do I need a Supplier Verification Form?

First, you should check to see if your conference will accept a P-card as this is the preferable way to pay for a conference registration. If the conference requires a check, use the Dues, Professional Memberships, Registrations, and Subscriptions form. If the supplier is not in the system, attach a W9/W8 in the "attachment" section of the Dues, Professional Memberships, Registrations, and Subscriptions form.

15. Is your approver role the same on Specialty Forms as it currently is in the PEX system?


16. Are approvers required to come to the Specialty Forms training?

No, while approvers are not required to be at the Specialty Forms training, they are welcome to attend or they may watch the Approver webinar found here. It’s also important to note that Approvers do not have to take the Purchasing Fundamentals course.

17. Will I be notified after a contract or Supplier Verification Form is approved?

Yes, the System will notify you via email.

18. If the supplier has a pay site in PRISM, do I still need to submit a new Supplier Verification Form?

Yes, PEX needs an active purchasing site to place an order. The only way to do this for a supplier who only has a payment site in PRISM is to submit a Supplier Verification form and begin the New Supplier process.

19. What if the amount of the PO in the PEX System is different than the contract? 

If there is a change to the amount of the PO in the PEX System, the department user will need to amend the contract, scan it and attach it to the PO which is done in the comments section. Then, a revision to the amount of the PO in the PEX System will need to be completed.

20. Is it preferable to issue a PO to a supplier rather than paying by a disbursement? 

Yes, if a supplier accepts a PO and is in the PEX System, it’s always preferable to issue a PO.

21. How will a department submit a PSA/contract that needs to be reviewed by Purchasing Services?

If the order is over $5,000, it will be automatically routed through the workflow to Purchasing Services. If the order is less than or equal to $5,000, but has non-standard insurance or terms and conditions, it will also be automatically routed through the workflow to Purchasing Services.



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