The PantherExpress System is the recommended method to purchase most routine goods and services for the University. A PantherExpress Purchase Order or Services Agreement provides the best contractual terms and conditions to protect your department, and it simplifies accounting and purchase record-keeping.


Access the PantherExpress (purchasing) System through If you are registered to use the PantherExpress System, an access point will be visible on the right hand menu of your account. If you are not registered to use the PantherExpress System, refer to these two pages for guidance: How to Become a PantherExpress System User and PantherExpress System Training Schedule.



If you need to use a P-card


The University also offers a P-card as a convenient supplemental purchase method for certain types of low-value, low-risk or emergency purchases. A P-card is an institutional purchasing VISA credit card administered through PNC Bank.


P-card training:


  • Training for P-card Holders: All new P-card holders should submit a customer service inquiry to request P-card training.

  • Training for P-card Reviewers: Click here for access to P-card Reviewer training. This training is mandadory for all P-card Supervisors and Reviewers.


P-card Program Announcement 2015

January 07, 2015 New P-card Program Announcement

P-card Policy: Usage Guidelines and Information about Prohibited purchases.

View the P-card policy for guidelines and information about prohibited purchases. Pages 3-6 in the P-card policy specifically address usage guideilnes and prohibited purchases.

All travel and business expenses should be purchased using the University Travel Card.



  • Imported books & journals: P-card users are authorized to purchase imported books and journals. However, the P-card cannot be used to purchase other foreign good imports.

  • Software: P-card holders who have completed training are authorized to purchase the following types of software with their P-cards: wrap, click-wrap, click-to-accept software and services, and business-related apps.

Note: a software purchase that requires a signed Software License Agreement is NOT considered certain Software and is therefore not eligible to be purchased with a P-card.

To register for the online training course, please contact Balazs Kudelasz, FIS, at For questions regarding the training, please contact Gary Hussar at

Contact Information

For P-card questions, please submit a P-card inquiry to PantherExpress Customer Service.

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