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Course Manuals

All files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. To download Adobe Acrobat, please click the link to go to Adobe's web site:

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Quick Reference

Training Manuals

The following manuals are designed for new users of the PRISM system, or for current users who would like an updated copy of the Purchasing, General Ledger or PCard Redistribution training material.

Each manual is broken into training modules. For ease in printing, the modules can be printed individually and then compiled to make a full training manual.


Budget Instruction Manual

Covers in detail the new PRISM budget submission process.


General Ledger - Department Administrator

Content includes online Journal Entries, viewing account information, and running reports.


General Ledger - Financial Statement Generator Reports (FSG's)

FSG’s are custom built reports that provide summary information (i.e. no transaction detail) for a specific period selected by the user.


Internet Expense Reports

Details the process for completing a Travel and Business Expense Report for expenses incurred while traveling on University business.



Covers in detail the process of entering, modifying & managing online requisitions and purchase orders.


PCard New User

Covers the rules and responsibilities of being a new PCard holder.


PCard Redistribution

How to log planned PCard purchases, view PCard transactions, including airfare, and if necessary, redistribute charges from the default PCard account.


Performance Management

These reference guides provide instructions on using the online Performance Management tool.