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HR Glossary of Definitions

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  Adjusted Service Date

The adjusted service date field is populated only when applicable, and reflects the start date of a benefits eligible position if an employee is transferring from a non-benefits eligible position.  For example, if an employee transfers from a University "All-Temps" status position to a "Staff" status position, the "adjusted service date" field will reflect the start date of the employee's Staff position.  This field is utilized for the calculation of benefits effective dates, vacation accrual rates, and staff years of service awards.  For questions regarding this date, please contact your Employment Specialist in the Office of Human Resources.

Assignment Status

Identifies whether a person is Active, on Leave, or Terminated at the University.  It also identifies whether a person should be paid or not paid during the effective time period.


Specific area of expertise of a person


List of earning elements used for the various types of payments a person may receive

Ethnic Origin

The race(s) an individual identifies themselves as


University or school of higher education where a person has completed their education


The Job consists of three segments grouped together to define a person’s specific function within the organization.  The three segments are:

  • Job Type – Describes a person’s role at the University
  • Job Family – Identifies groupings within a job that have similar functions, roles or skills
  • Job Classification – Describes groupings within a family that further specify the function of the job

Labor Pay Year Type Periods

Indicates the SPAR periods associated with the number of months worked and pays received per year

Labor Source Codes

Describes the distribution type associated with the amount charged to an account number on HLDR310 Labor Distribution by Account and FGAR311 Level 1 Financial Report

Labor Split Percentage

The split process occurs when the part of the payroll must be accrued in the last financial accounting period of the old quarter, and the remainder is charged in the first accounting period of the new quarter.  The chart identifies the number of days within a pay period and the associated percentage.

Leave Type

Lists types of leaves at the University that a person may be placed on


Building and room number where a person is located


Department in which a person will be working

Salary Reason

List of reason for changes to a person’s salary rate

Termination Reason

Primary reason captures information as to why a person left the University.  Secondary reason captures information that further clarifies the primary reason.

Visa Types

List of valid visa types a non-immigrant may have been issued to enter the United States



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