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CFO Areas Description Contact Information
Controller's Office Provides oversight of University financial services. Office of the Controller
Budget and Financial Reporting Prepares financial statements, budgets, reports, and surveys; manages and coordinates reporting functions. Office of the Controller, Budget and Financial Reporting
Cost Accounting Provides cost and rate information for all University operations. Office of the Controller, Cost Accounting
Financial Compliance for Research (FCR) Ensures the University meets federal financial compliance requirements for sponsored programs. Office of the Controller, Financial Compliance for Research
General Accounting Provides timely and reliable financial and accounting services to management and the University community. Office of the Controller, General Accounting
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Implements Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 by maintaining an effective system of internal controls over financial reporting. Office of the Controller, Sarbanes-Oxley  
Sponsored Projects Accounting Provides post-award accounting, financial reporting, invoicing, accounts receivable management and administration of sponsored project funds. Office of the Controller, Sponsored Projects Accounting
Student Payment Center Manages student accounts, payments, tuition and fees, refunds, and financial aid. Office of the Controller, Student Payment Center
Financial Information Systems (FIS) Provides IT solutions, project management, and design; develops IT standards, and implements and maintains systems. Financial Information Systems
Financial Records Services Processes journal entries, provides document backup and SPAR retention. Financial Records Services
Institutional Research Collects and analyzes information about the University that supports data driven decisions. Institutional Research
Office of Finance Manages the University's endowment, treasury, accounting and reporting. Office of Finance
PantherExpress   Manages purchasing services; payment processing; and travel and expense management (Concur). PantherExpress Customer Service  
Payroll Manages accurate and timely payrolls for all faculty, staff, and student employees while adhering to University, Federal, and State regulations. Payroll
Risk Management Assesses risk and purchases appropriate insurance for the University. Risk Management
Workers' Compensation Provides information and instructions on how to report work-related injuries. Workers' Compensation
CFO Systems & Tools Description Contact Information
PittPay Allows students to authorize their parents, guardians, spouses, or others access to their student account in PittPAY. Office of the Controller, Student Payment Center
Effort Certification  Allows for verification that direct labor charges to sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and reflect the actual level of work performed. Office of the Controller, Financial Compliance for Research
Employee Self Service Allows eligible employees to perform self-service HR and Payroll functions. Payroll
Management Information Provides access to centrally produced management information such as enrollment reports and other materials. Institutional Research
PantherExpress-Buying & Paying Online departmental purchasing and payment. PantherExpress Customer Service
PantherExpress-Travel & Expense Management (Concur) Provides information about travel and expense management. PantherExpress Customer Service
PRISM Account Request Request a new PRISM account. Financial Information Systems, PRISM
PRISM Allows self-service access for faculty and staff to manage financial and human resources data online. Financial Information Systems, PRISM
Salaried Personnel Activity Report (SPAR) Effort reporting tool for compliance management. Office of the Controller, Financial Compliance for Research
SOX Control Self Assessment Control self assessments for Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance management. Office of the Controller, Sarbanes-Oxley
University Business Forms Online solution for electronically completing and maintaining official University business and financial forms. Financial Information Systems, University Business Forms
CFO Systems & Tools Description Contact Information
Financial Compliance for Research Workshops Workshops and registration. Office of the Controller, Financial Compliance for Research
Financial Records Training Current offerings and schedules. Financial Records Services
Lynda Technical Training  CSSD provides online technology training to students, faculty, and staff through a partnership with University of Pittsburgh Information Technology
PantherExpress Guides & Training Purchasing and Payment Processing Training Programs. PantherExpress Customer Service
Payroll Guidance for Departmental Administrators Guidance for new administrators. Payroll
PRISM Training PRISM class schedules and training resources. Financial Information Systems, PRISM
Research Accounting Guidelines Cost accounting and financial compliance for sponsored projects in entity 05 accounts. Office of the Controller, Cost Accounting
Risk Management Learning Programs Web-based learning programs provided by United Educators (UE), the University’s partner in higher education liability insurance and risk expertise since 1987. Risk Management
Technical Support for CFO Staff IT provider for all departments in the CFO responsibility center. Financial Information Systems
Workers' Compensation Guidance Information for employees who have been injured in the course and scope of their employment. Workers' Compensation
CFO Financial Resources Description Contact Information
Audited Financial Statements University Financial Statements from 2010 to present. Office of the Controller, Budget and Financial Reporting
Capital Asset Management Records and maintains records of all capital assets (items that have an acquisition cost of at least $5,000) purchased through the University's procurement system. Financial Records Services
E-Business Resource Group (EBRG)  Works with University schools, departments, and centers to enable them to accept credit cards for products and services. Office of Finance, E-Business Resource Group
Fact Book Provides information about the University including students, degree programs, faculty, finances, research, computing, libraries, and institutional advancement. Institutional Research
Faculty Activity Reporting (FARs) Describes a survey that is required for regular full-time faculty, research associates, and librarians. Institutional Research
OMB Uniform Guidance Federal government's guidance on administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for federal awards. Office of the Controller
Online level Reports   Provides information about online financial activity reporting. Office of the CFO, Online Level Reports
Right-to-Know Disclosures Provides a history of the University's tax exemption status. Office of the Controller, Budget and Financial Reporting
University Policies & Procedures Provides level policies, procedures, exhibits, attachments, and guidelines as well as staff and faculty handbooks. Office of the CFO


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