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Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact if I have questions?

For any SPAR questions, you can contact the online SPAR team at You can also check out their website at



Who can I contact if I need a copy of a cancelled check along with the backup documentation?

If you need a copy of a canceled check along with your back up, please note it on your fax (412) 688-6067 and we will contact the necessary department to retrieve that for you.

If you only want a cancelled check, send a request through our online inquiry system.


Can only certain people request documentation? 

Anyone in the department that has access to the department levels can request backup documents.


What do I need to do to request a document?


Email with a copy of the level with the information that you want backup for circled - please don't highlight.  Include your phone number along with your fax number in case we need more information.  Also note that you cannot receive any originals and you cannot receive backup from any other department.

*Note: we are currently working remotely and do not have access to hard copy documents. Inform us if your request is urgent and we will make arrangements to retrieve the documents if possible. Otherwise, send us your request and let us know it is not urgent. We will work it as a priority upon our return.

What do I do if I think I've been charged twice on my levels?

If you think that you have been charged twice on your levels please contact Mary Jane Ackerman in Payment Processing at 412-624-6020.  She will handle all incorrect charges.


Will you fax or scan all of my documents?

FRS is unable to fax or scan any documents that exceed 15 pages. Documents that exceed 15 pages will be sent to you through campus mail.



Where do I send Journal entries?

05 account numbers that are Journal entries or NSCTR’s: Send to Research/Cost Accounting – 3100 CL.

06 account numbers that are Journal entries: Send to Judy Deleo - 2502 CL.

All other Journal Entries, IDC’s, NSCT: Send to FRS – 200 ATWOD.

All others: send to FRS at

Does FRS have backup for journal entries? 

FRS only has back up for journal batches that have ADMIN in the batch name. 


For more information on Journals, please see the General Accounting Webpages:

Journal Definitions:

Journal Entry Instructions:

Batch Naming Conventions:

FormFlow (where you can get a journal paper):



I have a charge on my levels that does not belong to me, what should I do?

Fax your level page with the incorrect charge to FRS (412-688-6067) or email to Circle the charge in question. Include a header sheet with your name, phone number and fax number you would like the back up to be sent to. If the charge was charged incorrectly to your account and does not have a Purchase Order associated with it, FRS will send it to the Payment Processing to correct.


I am being audited and I am missing documentation for charges on my accounts. Can you help me?

Yes, email your level report(s) with the charges you need circled to FRS at Include a header sheet with your name, phone number and fax number you would like the back up to be sent to. Please allow 2 business days for documents older than 3 months.


Access (Records Storage)

What Department is Access?

Access is a subcontracted document storage company that is used by the University. It is not associated with the University outside of the current document storage contract.


Can any department use Access or is it restricted to FRS only?

Access approval access and set up is done through University Archives. If you have a document storage need and would like more information on how to get set up with an Access account please visit


Who retrieves my documents if they are over 3 months old and are at Access?

FRS retrieves any Accounts Payable and SPAR documents that are on file at Access.



Did we answer your question? If not, please email us at