CFO - Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Office of Finance

The Office of Finance (OOF) is responsible for the oversight and management of the University’s $1 billion+ endowment funds. This function includes the recommendation and review of investment and spending policies, asset allocation decisions – both strategic and tactical, portfolio rebalancing, performance and benchmark analyses, peer comparisons, investment manager selection and monitoring, and Investment Committee reporting.

The OOF is responsible for the oversight and administration of each University endowment, quasi-endowment, life income gift, and charitable lead trust, as well as for all bequests, security gifts and the faculty/staff home assistance programs. This function reviews the legal documents associated with each endowment account, establishes and maintains account information, and provides reports to Institutional Advancement, the Board of Trustees, University departments and staff.

The Office of Finance (OOF) is responsible for the University’s capital structure, maintaining its creditworthiness, and providing funding for capital expenditures. This function includes forecasting capital needs, determining debt capacity, structuring and issuing external financings, managing debt-related activities and obligations, communication with the rating agencies and creditors, and Budget Committee reporting.

The Office of Finance (OOF) is responsible for managing the University’s current and plant funds, for meeting the University’s working capital needs, and for the strategic oversight of all University-wide treasury management policies and systems. This function includes daily concentration and disbursements of funds, forecasting the University’s cash position, funding cash deficits, investing cash surplus, and managing the University’s operating funds. It also includes ultimate control for all University cash management, trust and custody accounts and for all related banking services and procedures.

The OOF is responsible for the accounting and reporting of the University’s financial assets, including its endowment funds, current and plant funds, pension funds, and debt securities.
This function includes accounting for financial reporting and tax purposes; reconciliation and analysis of trust reports and manager statements; performance measurement and analyses for portfolio management purposes and Investment Committee reporting; and handling cash distributions for the endowment, returns of principal and income, transfers of gift money, and other fund transfers.


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