Additional Information: Competitive Bidding & Uniform Guidance


Sent: 5/31/18

In follow up to our two presentations about Competitive Bidding & Uniform Guidance, we have published new information or updates on our Buy-to-Pay website.

As a reminder, the Uniform Guidance (UG) goes into effect July 1, 2018 and has specific requirements for all purchases made with Federal grant funding over $10,000 as well as considerable changes to the requirements for purchases over $150,000.

We have added a page to the website, Purchasing Goods or Services with Federal Grant Funding, to specifically address the Uniform Guidance and University purchasing procedures. This resource covers much of the information in the presentation and can act as a resource and reference for the procedure. We strongly encourage anyone who makes purchases over $10,000 using Federal grant funds to review the page and/or the presentation slides published there.

To support the changes resulting from the Uniform Guidance we have made changes to both the Directed or Sole Source Justification (DSSJ) form as well as the University-wide Contracted Suppliers table.

The DSSJ has an additional reason specific to the Uniform Guidance available and has had the two Requester Signature lines consolidated into a single line.

The University-wide Contracted Supplier table has been updated, at the suggestion of an attendee, to include a column to indicate whether the contract with the supplier meets Uniform Guidance competitive bidding requirements. Suppliers with a “yes” in this column have University-wide contracts that were competitively bid, rather than negotiated agreements.

We have also added information to our Competitive Bidding page in order to  clarify the information related to the University Policy on Competitive Bidding.

Finally, again at the suggestion of an attendee, we are working to either revise the Requisition Checklist or develop one specifically addressing the procurement requirements in the UG.

For any questions, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service by submitting an inquiry or calling 412-624-3578.

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