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PO Auto Closure in PantherExpress System

With the 19.1 update release of the PantherExpress purchasing sytstem software on April 7, 2019, purchase orders (POs) will be automatically closed in the Panther Express System. All system users were notified of this change through a system email sent on April 3.

The sytem will automatically close the purchase order seven (d7) days after receiving an invoice (or invoices) that results in a fully invoiced PO. This process will take effect for all new purchase orders, as of April 7. Detailed information about the automatic closure and example scenarios of what is or is not considered fully-invoiced by the PantherExpress System is available in this reference guide.

Please use “General Inquiries” in the PantherExpress System Inquiries menu if you need to have a purchase order re-opened in the PantherExpress System.

Should you have any questions, please contact the PantherExpress Customer Service by web inquiry or by calling 412-624-8357.


Sent April 3, 2019.

Updated April 19, 2019: Automatic closure of invoices will happen seven days after invoice receipt, not on the same day.


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