Provider Covenant to Comply with COVID-19 Policies and Procedures Form Requirement


Update 5/29/2020 - The form has been updated with a new hyperlink to the COVID-19 Rules for Providers which is referenced at the top of the document.


To ensure the health and well-being of the Pitt community and our suppliers, the Provider Covenant to Comply with COVID-19 Policies and Procedures (formerly referenced as the COVID-19 Vendor Representation Form) is required to be signed by any supplier that will be on campus as follows, effective immediately. Note, a digital copy with signature or DocuSign is acceptable. This form requires vendors to comply with the University’s COVID-19 policies:

  • At the bottom of the Covenant to Comply the department should enter the appropriate email address of the department contact (not a contact in Purchasing Services) and forward the form to the supplier.
  • For orders over $10,000, the Covenant to Comply, signed by the supplier, must be submitted with a requisition to Purchasing Services before a PO or contract is issued.
  • For orders $10,000 and less, the Covenant to Comply, signed by the supplier, must be received and retained at the departmental level.
  • If the supplier plans to subcontract the work, then the supplier is responsible to provide the requirements of the COVID-19 Provider Covenant to Comply to the subcontractor.
  • If a University-wide contracted supplier is being used, the department does not need to obtain the signed Covenant to Comply as Purchasing Services is already in the process of obtaining the signed document from these suppliers.
  • For any PO or Services Agreement already issued or executed through Purchasing Services or at the department level and that is not with a University-wide contracted supplier, the department must obtain the signed Covenant to Comply before the supplier is allowed on Pitt’s campus.
  • Departments should immediately cease using the COVID-19 Vendor Representation Form for non-construction-related work.  That document, however, may still be used in Facilities Management for construction contractors.
  • The COVID-19 Vendor Representation Form is, however, acceptable if it was already provided to a supplier and submitted to the University.

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