Updated Process for Ordering Schedule II Controlled Substances from Covetrus North America


In a continued effort to improve the process for ordering Level II Controlled Substances from Covetrus North America, please review the following updated process. While the required documentation to place an order remains the same, Purchasing Services will no longer be reviewing the documents and mailing them to Covetrus North America. Until further notice, please follow the below process for placing orders for Level II Controlled Substances with Covetrus North America:

  • Complete all required supporting documentation in accordance with this Instructions document.
  • Scan all documents and e-mail them to Tina Lauer ( at Covetrus North America for initial review and be sure to copy Christine Pavone ( and Kathy Krepps (
  • Modify forms, if necessary, based on Tina’s review and response.
  • Create a PO with Covetrus North America in the PantherExpress System via a Non-Catalog Form.
    • The PO “Ship To” address and Principal Investigator name must match exactly the information on the DEA222 Form.
    • You must select “Controlled Substance” in Part B of the requisition.
    • When creating the PO, select “Manual” and do not enter a fax number or e-mail address for Covetrus North America.
    • A hard copy of the PO must be printed and mailed to Covetrus North America.
  • Mail hard copy forms, including the original DEA222 Form, to Covetrus North America. This information can be mailed preferably via UPS overnight or FedEx if UPS is not available. Please retain a copy of the tracking number for your records. An example of how to complete the DEA222 form, including the Covetrus North America mailing address, can be found in this checklist.

Contact Chris Pavone at with any questions.

Departments are required to comply with all current policies for the purchase of Level II Controlled Substances.




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