New Single Sheet Format for DEA Form 222


The DEA Form 222 is a triplicate form used to place orders for Schedule II and IIN controlled substances from the University's contracted supplier, Covetrus. As of October 30, 2019, the US Drug Enforcement Administration implemented a new single sheet format for the DEA Form 222. There will be a two-year transition period which will allow the existing triplicate version of the form to continue to be used. Here is an overview of what is changing:

  • The DEA Form 222 will still be ordered through the DEA website.
  • The Purchaser/Researcher completes the order in the same manner as before.
  • The Purchaser/Researcher must make a copy of the single sheet DEA Form 222 before submitting the form to Covetrus.
  • Covetrus will receive the order and process as normal.
  • Upon receipt of the schedule II/IIN controlled substance, the Purchaser/Researcher must indicate the date and amount of schedule II/IIN controlled substances received on the copy of the DEA Form 222 and keep the completed copy as a record.
  • Covetrus will keep the original DEA Form 222 for its own record.

Review the checklist for more guidance on completing the single sheet DEA Form 222 when placing orders with Covetrus.

For any questions, please contact Covetrus at or PantherExpress Customer Service with any questions.




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