Availability of PPE & Supplies to Support COVID-19 Mitigation


The safety and health of all our students, faculty, researchers, and staff remains the highest priority of the University. As we continue to execute essential functions on campus and prioritize the expansion of research functions, we have been working with Pitt Research and Environmental Health & Safety leadership to identify safety requirements. We have been consolidating requirements and securing large quantities of high-quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies to support COVID-19 mitigation from trusted sources.

To support the safety of our personnel on campus, the University will make these supplies available free of charge beginning the week of May 25, 2020 through August 31, 2020 to departments that require it for their work (note: a $0.01 charge for each unit ordered such as a box or case is necessary due to system limitations). We will reassess the University’s needs and provide any updates related to the cost of these supplies at the end of August. PPE and supplies to support COVID-19 mitigation will be available for withdrawal from a centralized inventory through the Dietrich School Stockroom and will include: barrier masks, gloves, cleaning supplies and disinfectants, face shields, etc.

More detailed information on the process and guidelines for withdrawals of supplies from this centralized inventory will be available by the week of May 25th. It is essential that departments plan to utilize this centralized inventory instead of placing individual orders. This will ensure the most efficient and cost-effective access to high-quality PPE and supplies to support COVID-19 mitigation for those that need it as well as proper accounting for potential FEMA/CARES Act cost recovery.

For planning purposes, if you have not previously ordered from the Dietrich School Stockroom, you need to activate your account first by emailing with the 6088 subcode. We are grateful to the Dietrich School Stockroom for their assistance with managing these massive quantities of supplies.

For any questions, contact PantherExpress Customer Service.





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