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Keurig K-Cup Recycling

Departments using Keurig machines are encouraged to sign up for the Keurig "Grounds to Grow On" recycling program. This program allows you to collect your used k-cup pods and ship them to Keurig's sustainability partner, g2revolution, for recycling and composting of materials at no cost.

To sign up for the program, simply contact Greg Babbs or Imani Boyd to order small (10”x10”x10”) or large (10”x10”x24”) k-pod collection box for your office, enjoy your coffee, and collect k-pods until your box is full. Then, send the prepaid full box back to Keurig for free.

If you haven't yet participated, be sure to also ask Greg or Imani about the SUPRA $1 Keurig program.

For more information about sustainable coffee choices, please visit the Pitt Office of Sustainabiltiy website.






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