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SUPRA/ Office Depot Price Increases: Paper and Office Supplies

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Sent: Friday, March 22, 2019

Office Supplies Price Increases

University customers will see price increases from SUPRA and Office Depot on several items, including paper, ink, toner, and other office supply items starting April 1, 2019. Prices of non-paper items have been impacted by cost increases for raw materials, labor, freight, packaging, and recently imposed tariffs to China. While Office Depot and SUPRA have absorbed some of the price increases, they are contractually permitted to pass along a portion of the increased prices to the University.

Shortly after the January paper price increases, Georgia Pacific, a major paper mill, announced it will no longer manufacture and sell printing paper. Georgia Pacific’s exit from the industry resulted in a dramatic change in the supply of printing paper in the United States. As a result, Office Depot and SUPRA again experienced a significant increase in paper prices. You can find additional information about Georgia Pacific’s exit from the printing paper industry and its resulting impact to the paper market from Office Depot.

University customers should be aware and anticipate these price increases. You may also wish to pre-purchase or restock before April 1st.


TreeZero Paper

As an alternative to virgin or recycled paper, Purchasing Services would like to take this opportunity to introduce a possible solution, TreeZero paper. TreeZero is made from 100% sugarcane waste fiber (not tree pulp) which means the price of TreeZero paper is not impacted by increases in the paper industry.

The University has negotiated a favorable price for TreeZero paper that is less than the cost of virgin or recycled paper and can be found in the SUPRA punchout in the PantherExpress System.

Several offices on campus have tested TreeZero paper with no reported issues. A representative from TreeZero will be attending the upcoming SUPRA Sustainability Show on March 28th. You are encouraged to stop by and ask questions about this newly-offered product! Additional information about TreeZero paper can be found on their website.

TreeZero is 100% recyclable and carbon neutral making it a smart solution for the environment as well as your budget.

graphic showing that total positive impact of switching to tree zero paper from virgin and 30% recycled paper would be 5,608 trees and 258 tons of CO2 avoided, based on 2018 purchase data.

Best Regards,
PantherExpress Purchasing Services



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