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USD/Quote Form, PantherExpress System

Starting next week, Monday, April 29, we will be introducing a new form, USD/Quote Form, and modifying some of the functionality of the Non-Catalog Form.

On April 29, you will not be able to enter USD as a Packaging unit of measure (UOM) on the Non-Catalog form. Any submitted Non-Catalog forms with USD selected as the unit of measure will be returned to the buyer as a draft cart.

Instead, purchasers should use the new, USD/Quote Form for any orders using USD as the unit of measure and for all quotes. The USD/Quote form will appear in the Standard Forms showcase on the PantherExpress system homepage starting Monday, April 29. Detailed information about using the new USD/Quotes form can be found inthis reference guide.

The PantherExpress Systems Solutions team is participating in and supporting a CFO-wide initiative to improve budgeting controls and purchasing procedures. This change to the forms, is intended to enhance the data integrity between the PantherExpress and Oracle (PRISM) systems and helps to improve budgeting and reporting accuracy for departments and responsibility centers.

For any questions, please use “General Incident” form in the PantherExpress System Inquiries menu or contact PantherExpress Customer Service bycalling 412-624-8357.



Sent April 23, 2019



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