About PantherExpress

University of Pittsburgh Financial Operations has consolidated web and customer service resources for PantherBuy, Payment Processing, and Purchasing Services under one umbrella called PantherExpress. 

Instead of visiting three individual websites and contacting staff from three departments to handle customer service inquiries, you will have access to the same excellent resources through one website and one customer service center.

PantherExpress strives to:

  • obtain the overall best value for purchases of goods and services University-wide;

  • provide an efficient, effective, and streamlined process of making purchases and tracking payments;

  • assist departments in complying with federal, state and local laws;

  • implement a system of sound internal controls, and monitor compliance;

  • increase the purchase of products with a reduced or minimal environmental impact as compared to other similar products or services that serve the same purpose;

  • provide opportunities for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE's) and;

  • provide excellent customer service.


PantherExpress Organization Charts (by function):

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