Blood and Blood Products

This is a restricted or nonstandard commodity

Blood and blood products are a restricted or nonstandard commodity. Blood products were previously ordered from Central Blood Bank which has now become Vitalant and all blood products should be ordered from Vitalant. Purchasing Services has established a new Master Services Agreement to facilitate purchases and the following processes are now in place.

Effective June 2, 2020, Vitalant has postponed the generation of buffy coat until further notice.

Inactive CBB Account or New Accounts

Each researcher must complete a BS 049 form to create a new account with Vitalant. The filled in from should be sent to our Vitalant contact, listed below.

Please note it takes 7-10 days from receipt of the BS 049 form for the account to be established. The researcher will be notified when their account becomes active and they are able to order blood and blood products.

Existing and Active CBB Accounts

Any department with a Central Blood Bank (CBB) account that is still active can purchase product from Vitalant under their CBB account information. Vitalant will contact the researcher when the account is within 120 days of expiration to see if they wish to extend their account. Departments that extend their account will need to fill out the BS 049 and the account expiration will be set to February 20, 2021.


Ordering Process

  • The University Purchase Order should be under the vendor name of "Central Blood Bank," not Vitalant.
  • Once a PO number has been issued, the department should contact the Research Product line at (412) 209-7194 to finalize the order.


Vitalant Contact Information
Mike Quint, Project Manager
Phone: 412-209-7625

Five Parkway Center
875 Greentree Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Research Product Line (order finalization)
Phone: 412-209-7194


PRICING: updated pricing coming soon










The transportation fee is $52.30 per order. A fee will not be imposed on products that are picked up at the Service Provider's Parkway Center location.

Click here to view the Standard Operating Procedures for Blood Draws Outside of Clinical Care Areas.


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