International Travel Expenses




In order to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, especially on long trips, book your airfare, hotel, and rental car through a travel agency (such as Expedia or Travelocity) or online service using a University P-card.

For extended travel, when your personal funds or credit card is used, remember that you may file your expense report online through iExpense remotely in order to speed reimbursement to you.  Reimbursement will be direct deposited (if you are enrolled) to your personal bank account, after it is approved by your department. You will need internet access.


Exchange Rates and Reimbursement of Foreign Currency Expenses


  • For international travel of up to seven (7) working days: use the OANDA Currency Converter to calculate exchange rates.

  • For international travel that exceeds seven (7) working days:

    Reimbursement: effective July 2015, the University Policy #05-07-01, Travel and Business Expenses and Honoraria has been changed to allow reimbursement of foreign currency exchange losses on personal funds, in any amount, resulting from a relative decline of the US dollar during an international business trip. 

    Refunding Gains to the University: Only foreign currency gains greater than $75 on University-provided travel advances should be refunded to the University.

    Documentation: For international travel of more than seven (7) working days, the average of the first and last days’ exchange rates for each currency may now be used for all expenses incurred in that currency. Supporting documentation for exchange rates is no longer required to be submitted with the expense report. 

    Calculation Worksheet: Use this convenient worksheet (also available under Forms) to calculate foreign currency exchange gains and losses until the PRISM Internet Expenses system can be modified to perform the calculation.


Obtaining Receipts in Remote Locations:

Hard copies of receipts are always preferable when requesting reimbursement for foreign travel. If receipts for a remote location are not obtainable; a memo should be created explaining the charge and the amount to be reimbursed requested.


Advances and Cash Management for Extended International Travel:

Updated information will be posted soon.




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