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Payment Requests & ID Requirements

Are Social Security Numbers (SSN) or tax payer identification numbers (TIN) required
on payment requests (Disbursements, Travel & Business, etc.)?

Yes, a SSN is required on all payment requests submitted to Payment Processing. The
SSN is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax reporting purposes

IRS Publication 1281, A Guide to Backup Withholding on Missing and Incorrect Names/TINs
states that the University must withhold 28% of certain taxable payments if the payee
fails to furnish a correct SSN or taxpayer identification number (TIN).


Payment Status

Can I see payment information in PRISM?

Yes, provided that you have GL access to PRISM. Follow the steps below to verify
if a payment has been made.

1 – Log into PRISM GL

2 – Select Inquiry

3 – Select Account

4 - Enter Accounting Periods From and To (e.g. JUL-05 to JUL-05)

5 - Enter Account

6 - Click the Show Balances button

7 - Select the desired line

8 - Click the Journal Details button

9 - Select the desired Payables batch line

10 - Click the Drill Down button to view invoicing information

11 - Click Show Transaction

12 - Click Overview to view invoicing and payment information

For a more detailed explanation of this process, please visit this guide and drill down to


Payments to Foreign Nationals
View this page for FAQs and details regarding payments to foreign nationals.


View this page for FAQs and details regarding P-Cards.


Per Diem Allowances

What are the maximum per-diem allowances for travel outside of the US?

Foreign per diem rates are established monthly by the Office of Allowances as maximum
U.S. dollar rates for reimbursement of government civilians traveling on official
business in foreign areas.  View the U.S. Department of State's per diem rate website
for up-to-date rates.  


Selecting Suppliers - Restrictions

Am I restricted in selecting suppliers?

University Policy 05-02-15 requires the use of University-wide contracted suppliers,
when available, for the product being purchased. Also, consider using the PantherExpress System (formerly PantherBuy) since it is the fastest and easiest way to purchase from and pay Universitywide contracted suppliers.  

Are the companies listed in PRISM considered University contracted suppliers?

Not all suppliers listed in PRISM are considered University contracted suppliers. These suppliers were selected through a rigorous evaluation process and consultation with University product advisory groups. These suppliers offer competitive pricing, high quality products, and outstanding customer service. Non-contracted suppliers listed in PRISM are considered approved for use with the exception of goods/services offered by the University’s contracted suppliers.


Travel and Business Expenses (T&Bs)

What Policies Govern Travel and Business Expenses?

The University has established a University-paid Travel Card that is the preferred payment method for all travel and business entertainment expenses. The use of this card is explained in Policy 05-07-04, Travel Card. Policy 05-07-01, University Travel, Business Entertainment, Honoraria, and Miscellaneous Reimbursable Expenses, and Policy 05-02-12, Procurement Card were also updated with the creation of this new policy. Compliance with these policies is important in controlling the University’s expenses and in complying with Internal Revenue Service and other federal and state regulations.

Are Travel & Business Expense Reimbursements Deposited Directly?

Travel and Business Expense reimbursements will be remitted through direct deposit to the same employee bank account used for Payroll direct deposit for those University employees currently enrolled in direct deposit for Payroll.

When the University successfully transmits the deposit to the bank, the employee will receive an automated email notifying them of the deposit with the amount and transaction date. Please direct any questions to Payment Processing through the Payment Inquiries web form or by calling PantherExpress Customer Service at 412-624-3578. Do not respond to the automated email.

The e-mail will be sent to the employee’s University,, email address.

Use these payroll instructions to enroll or update your direct deposit information in the PRISM Employee Self Service Portal.

When Do I Use a Travel Card vs. a P-card

For guidance on choosing the appropriate payment method, please use this payment method comparison table (excel).






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