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Q: How do I log into the PantherExpress System?

A: Go to: and click on the Panther Express System link

Q: How do I contact the PantherExpress System staff?

A: Contact customer service via the PantherExpress inquiry form. A customer service representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q: How can I sign up for PantherExpress System?

A: The first step to becoming a PantherExpress User is to fill out a User Profile Form. Once this form is completed with all appropriate signatures, you can send it in to the PantherExpress team either by fax (412-624-5278) or Intercampus Mail (3309 CL). Once the PantherExpress Team receives your form, we will enter you into the system and then a team member will contact you regarding training. Policy dictates that we cannot sign a user up for training if that user has not submitted a User Profile form. Please review the PantherExpress Forms page to learn more.

Q: What is a "shopper"?

A: If you currently have others placing orders for you, the shopper role may be perfect for you! A shopper can log into PantherExpress, search the catalogs and punchouts and place items into a shopping basket. The order will then be sent to the appropriate Account Assigner for review, assignment of an account number, and submission to the Supplier. Click here for a complete "role" explanation.


Q: What is a Departmental Buyer?

A: A Departmental Buyer is someone who places orders in PantherExpress for themselves and other people working in the same department. There are four different spending levels that a Department Buyer can have: Level 1 ($0) spending, Level 2 ($500) spending, Level 3 ($5,000) spending, or Level 4 ($10,000) spending. Buyers with a Level 1 spending limit will have all of their orders routed to a Departmental Approver prior to the order being submitted to the suppliers. Level 2 Buyers will have any order over $500.00 routed to a Departmental Approver prior to submission of the order to the supplier. Buyers at a Level 3 will have any order exceeding $5,000.00 routed to a Departmental Approver prior to submitting the order to the supplier. Buyer Level 4 will have any order exceeding $10,000 routed to a Departmental Approver prior to submitting the order to the supplier. All orders $10,000.01 or more will be sent to Purchasing Services for review after the Departmental Approver has approved the order before submission to the supplier. Click here for a complete "role" explanation.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Changing your password in PantherExpress is quick and easy. When logged into PantherExpress, click on the word "Profile" on the top left side of the screen. When the screen loads, you will see a yellow "Change Password" button on the right side of the screen. Click it and change your password!

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Contact customer service via the PantherExpress inquiry form, and a customer service representative will retrieve your password for you within 24 hours.

Q: How do Approvals work in the PantherExpress system?

A: For a full description of how Approvals can be set up for your department click here.


Q: What is $5,000 "OK to Pay"?

A: As per University policy, purchase orders over $5,000 are not to be paid until the funds are released by the department who placed the order. The $5,000 OK to Pay feature in PantherExpress makes this process simple! Every department must have at least one designated $5,000 OK to Pay Approver. When an order over $5,000 is placed, the designated Approver(s) will receive an e-mail informing them that there is a $5,000 OK to Pay order pending their payment approval. The Approver can click on the link in the e-mail to access the order, or they can also go to the Review Area of the PantherExpress Home Page and locate the $5,000.01 - * folder. When the product arrives, the person who placed the order merely has to inform the designated Approver(s) and they can release the funds for payment in PantherExpress!

Q: How can I print my POs?

A: Printing POs in PantherExpress is simple! On the Purchase Order screen, there is a printer icon on the right side about ¾ up the page. Click on it to bring up a Printer Friendly version. On that screen, just click File, Print. For more information, you can also refer to the Training Manual, Chapter 3. Any screen that displays a printer icon can be printed. Simply click on the printer icon to launch the print function.

Q: How can I print my requisitions?

A: After you click "Submit Requisition", the requisition information page will appear. You can click on "Quick View" or click on the printer icon located at the top of the requisition summary page.

Q: What should I do when and employee is no longer working in our department?

A: When an employee is no longer working in your department, just fill out a User Profile form with the "User Termination" box checked. Fill out the top section and fax it over to the PantherExpress team at 412-624-5278.


Q: How do I take a credit in PantherExpress System?

A: Users cannot create credits in PantherExpress. The first step is to contact the supplier to schedule a pickup of the item(s) that you are returning. When talking to the supplier, you will request a credit memo for these items. These credit memos should be sent to Payment Processing at They will process the credit. Please click here for our latest supplier contact information.

Q: Why must I re-take training?

A: PantherExpress policy. If your password has expired and the PantherExpress Team has determined that you have not been in the system for three or more months, you may be asked to attend training. PantherExpress is upgraded several times a year and in order to make sure our users continue to understand how to use PantherExpress and be aware of those changes, training is required.


Q: I don't know what my building abbreviation is. Where can I find it?

A: You can find the list of all Pitt buildings and abbreviations here

Q: Can I add comments to my orders?

A: Yes - you can add internal comments to an order that will only be seen internally by a University of Pittsburgh employee. You can also add external comments to an order that will be transmitted to a supplier. On the Review screen of the requisition, there are two sections listed below the Account Codes area. The area on the left is for Internal Notes and the right side is for External Notes.

Q: Why do some suppliers ignore the order comments I place on my order?

A: Some suppliers have automated order entry systems that will place the order into "exception" when a comment is received on an order. This means that an employee of the supplier may review the order for comments. However, some of the suppliers automated systems ignore all comments sent, thus they will fill the order as received and ignore any special instructions. Depending on the supplier and their capabilities, a comment may or may not be reviewed. If you have urgent instructions for an order please contact the supplier directly. You can visit our PantherExpress Suppliers page for contact information.

Q: How do account numbers get added to PantherExpress System?

A: Account numbers are imported each day - once an hour between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday thru Friday - automatically from the PRISM system. Once an account number is activated thru PRISM it will be automatically moved to PantherExpress within an hour of the activation. Depending on the time, some activation may take up to two hours.


Q: When do I need to notify the PantherExpress System staff of a new address?

A: The only time you need to contact the PantherExpress staff regarding a new address is when you are moving into a new building that the University has not occupied previously. This means if the building was just constructed, or if the building or offices in the building are being rented by Pitt for the first time. We do not need to be notified if a new office is established in an existing Pitt building. Example: There was renovation done to Langley Hall, and as a result two new offices were constructed. If this is the case, the PantherExpress staff does not need to know the room numbers associated with the new offices.

Q: Will PantherExpress System work on a MAC computer?

A: Yes, PantherExpress is compatible with the Apple operating system and Safari web browser. For a list of all supported operating systems and web browsers click here.

Q: Can you tell me more about the University's 32 digit account numbers?

A: The University's account number is made up of 7 segments and is 32 digits long. For an in-depth explanation of the account numbers please click here.

Q. I need to activate an account number in PRISM before I can use it in PantherExpress System. How do I activate the account number in PRISM?

A. To view instructions on how to activate an account number in PRISM click here.




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