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PantherExpress System Webinar Schedule

To register to attend one of the scheduled webinar training sessions, click on the associated link and complete the registration information. Please note: Each session is limited to the first 100 people who register to attend. Once registered, users will receive instructions via e-mail on how to attend the webinar. If the webinar chosen is already closed (full), users will receive an e-mail informing them to choose another webinar from the list.

If you have any problems registering for the webinar sessions please contact us via the PantherExpress inquiry form. Please be sure to attend the appropriate training session.

The PantherExpress System Approver, Standard Forms and PO Change training is now available for existing Department Buyers to view online. The training is available to view at the time that best suits your schedule.

Prior to Enrollment for Training

bullet You must submit a completed PantherExpress User Profile form prior to enrolling in any PantherExpress System training. Failure to submit a completed User Profile Form with all of the required information and signatures, may delay your ability to gain access to the System. Submission instructions are located on the form.

Access to Training

Once you have submitted a completed PantherExpress User Profile form, register for training by contacting the PantherExpress System Solution Team via email at You will be registered for the training, and you will receive a user name and password (via email) to access the training session.

Access to Standard Forms

bullet The following criteria must be met before you are granted access to the Standard Forms in the PantherExpress System:


    1. We have received your completed User Profile form;
    2. Your User Profile form has been reviewed, approved, and processed;
    3. We have received confirmation that you have completed all training requirements.

Standard Forms Webinars (training for departmental buyers and approvers only)

The Standard Forms webinar introduces the usage of Standard Forms in the PantherExpress system. The webinar covers Non-Catalog, Blanket, and Software Forms and includes information on how and when to use the individual forms and their assoicated polices. We will also demonstrate what will be required of the new Department Reconciler role.

How to Create a Single-line Requisition from a Multi-line Quote

This webinar demonstrates how to create a single-line requisition from a multi-line quote using a PantherExpress System Non-Catalog Standard Form.

NOID Resolution Webinars

The NOID Resolution training webinar is meant only for the people who have access to, and use the Standard Forms in PantherExpress. This webinar will teach the attendees the fundamentals of creating purchase order changes when needed to clear invoice discrepancies.

PantherExpress Standard Forms Invoicing Discrepancy Webinar

Please print the following document to follow along with during the webinar: NOID Resolution

Approver Webinar

This Webinar will be used to introduce Approvers to the PantherExpress system. We will be showing you how to navigate through the system, how to approve orders, and how to edit orders.

For more information about the Approver role: How do Approvals work in the PantherExpress System?

Shopper Pre-recorded Webinar

See What is a "Shopper"? for information about the Shopper role.

Shopper training is now available as a pre-recorded webinar. Contact Balazs Kudelasz at to register for and obtain access to the pre-recorded Shopper webinar.

Department Buyer Training

This is an in-class training used to introduce Department Buyers to the PantherExpress system. We will be showing you how to navigate through the system, how to add items to a shopping cart, how to navigate through the requisition, adding account numbers and also how to submit your requisitions. We will also be answering any questions that you, as a Department Buyer, may have!

Please review the training schedules at: and contact Balazs Kudelasz at to register for PantherExpress Department Buyer Classes.

For more information about the Departmental Buyer role: What is a Departmental Buyer?

Specialty Forms Training

View this page for information about specialty forms training.

P-Card Information and Training

View this page for information about P-Cards and P-Card training


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