PantherExpress System

How To Become A PantherExpress System (Formerly PantherBuy) User

In order to become a PantherExpress System User, you must

1) Complete the User Profile form. Note: download the form before filling in the editable fields to avoid limitations from the browser preview of the form;

2) Complete the Conflict of Interest module: if you completed the Conflict of Interest module earlier this year, you do not need to do it again - print the last page, sign it, and forward it to the appropriate administrative staff in your department to be placed on file; and

3) Complete the required training. Once you have submitted your form and are registered, you will receive an email from the Learning Management System with directions and login information for the required training for your role.

Visit this page for more information about training

PantherExpress System Forms

User Access Policy: Each person requiring access to PantherExpress must register for a unique user account. Group accounts cannot be created. PantherExpress is an enterprise wide Purchasing/Financial system that permits users to purchase items against university accounts. Accordingly, PantherExpress is mandated to follow University of Pittsburgh policies 10-02-05 and 10-02-06 governing user access to the system. PantherExpress's adherence to this policy is overseen by the University's Internal Auditing Department and is subject to review by internal and external entities, as well as the NIH. Please refer to University policies 10-02-05 and 10-02-06 for more information.



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