Purchasing Services

Permanent Location - Cathedral of Learning


After a year of temporarily residing in Craig Hall, PantherExpress Purchasing Services has moved back to its permanent address in the Cathedral of Learning.

We will have the same contact information (phone & fax numbers), and our mailing address (for outside and intra-campus mail) will remain the same:

Contact Information:

Phone: 412-624-3578
Fax: 412-688-6041
Submit an Inquiry:

Mailing Address:

PantherExpess Purchasing Services
3309 Cathedral of Learning
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Special Instructions for Hand-Deliveries:

  • If you plan to hand-deliver anything to the PantherExpress Purchasing Services department, please deliver it only to 3309 CL.
  • In the future, a mail slot will be available if 3309 CL is locked. In the meantime, if 3309 CL is locked, please slide the item under the door if possible.


PantherExpress Purchasing Services

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