Radioactive Materials

This is a restricted or nonstandard commodity

You may purchase radioactive materials using PantherExpress System. For details see University Purchasing of Radioactive Materials.

The PantherExpress System provides electronic approval via e-mail notification to the Radiation Safety Office (RSO), eliminating the need to hand-carry requisitions across campus. Once the RSO approves an order, it is electronically submitted to the supplier.

PantherExpress System suppliers available for radioactive material are PerkinElmer and *Fisher Scientific. They have supplied electronic versions of their catalogs to Purchasing Services including the negotiated University pricing. All radioactive products from these suppliers must be ordered through the PantherExpress System. Products from other suppliers will have to be submitted to RSO on paper requisitions.

Note: Although the online catalogs include non-radioactive products, do not combine non-radioactive and radioactive items on the same requisition.

*Radioactive materials previously purchased through MP Biomedicals are now available through Fisher Scientific. See this page for details.

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