Miscellaneous Purchases

(formerly "Restricted" or "Nonstandard" Commodities)

Examples of miscellaneous (formerly "restricted" or "nonstandard") purchases include but are not limited to biological materials, laboratory chemicals, software, controlled substances, event-related bookings, parking passes, and subscriptions.

Please see the directory below for a list of restricted as well as nonstandard commodities.


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HIV p24 Antigen Capture | Kits | Hotel Rooms | Immigration Attorneys | Laboratory Chemicals |

Mailing Services | Marketing | Meeting Space | Memberships | Moving Services | Nembutal |

Parking Passes | Photocopying | Photographers | Radioactive Materials | Software | Stamps |

Subscriptions | Surplus Property | Travel Services | University Logo & Promotional Items


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Advertising and Marketing
Assistance with advertising and marketing will be provided by Communications Services.

American Type Culture Collection Products (ATCC)
View this page for ATCC details.

Anatomic Specimens
If you need to obtain human anatomic material for use in teaching, training and research, please contact the Office for Oversight of Anatomic Specimens.

Biological Materials
There are special requirements for purchasing biological materials from new suppliers.

Biological materials must be purchased from University-wide contracted suppliers or suppliers already established in the supplier database as viewed in PRISM or the PantherExpress System. If you need to obtain biological materials from a new supplier, then you must follow this process.

The same process applies to purchases of laboratory chemicals.

Blood and Blood Products
View this page for Blood and Blood Products details.

Books should be purchased through the University's Book Center. View Policy 05-05-01 for additional information about textbooks, instructional materials, and subscriptions.

Building Renovations
All requests for renovations must be sent to Facilities Management.

View this page for Catering details.

View this page for Copier details.

DEA Licenses and Controlled Substances
View this page for DEA details.

Any University departments considering purchasing unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for research or academic purposes or that are planning to contract with a company or individual that may use a drone in providing a service (such as for photography) must contact the University’s Office of Export Controls Services before proceeding at 412-624-7415 or


Environmental Health & Safety Required Approval
Purchases of the following items require approval from Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) unless they are part of the setup of a new building or new lab involving Facilities Management: lasers or laser-related equipment, chemical fume hoods, gas cabinets, and biological safety cabinets. Any product that contains a laser for research or commercial applications must be approved by EH&S before it is purchased. Items such as laser printers, laser pointers, bar code scanners do not require approval. EH&S reviews all other laser-containing items to determine if the laser has the potential to cause injury while in use. Approval should be attached to the requisition in supporting documents. Please contact Rick Schultz, Laser Safety Officer at or 412-624-8642. For other contact information, please check the EH&S website.

Employment Ads
Employment ads are managed by Human Resources. View Policy 07-01-02 for further information.

Ethanol Alcohol
View this page for Ethanol Alcohol details.

Events and Meetings (Banquet Halls, Meeting Space, Hotel Space, Conference Space...)
View this page for Event Planning details.

Gases can be purchased through Matheson Valley Gases on the PantherExpress System.

HIV p24 Antigen Capture Kits
View this page for information about purchasing HIV p24 Antigen Capture Kits from SAIC-Frederick.

Immigration Attorneys
The Office of International Services (OIS), in coordination with the Office of General Counsel, has implemented guidelines on the University's use of outside immigration attorneys. View the OIS website for further information.

Laboratory Chemicals
There are special requirements for purchasing laboratory chemicals from new suppliers.

Laboratory chemicals must be purchased from University-wide contracted suppliers or suppliers already established in the supplier database as viewed in PRISM or the PantherExpress System. If you need to obtain laboratory chemicals from a new supplier, then you must follow this process.

The same process applies to purchases of biological materials.

Mailing Services and Stamps
Mailing Services provides first-class, package, air and foreign mail services. Express, insured, registered and certified mailing services are also processed. View the Mailing Services website for further information.


Moving Services (Internal and External)
View this page for Moving Service details.

View this page for details.

Parking Passes
Parking permits and temporary passes are managed by the Parking Office.

Information about photcopying services may be found at CopyCat.

Contracts for photographers must be processed through a Photographer/Videographer Agreement. The use of a Purchase Order (PO) is not acceptable.

Radioactive Materials
View this page for details.

View this page for details.

Subscriptions and Memberships
The University of Pittsburgh Payment Processing Department strongly encourages using a P-Card to purchase subscriptions, publications, membership dues, and conference registrations. Additional information may be found in Policy 05-02-12.

Surplus Property
The Surplus Property office handles the receipt, storage, distribution and disposal of surplus properties for the University of Pittsburgh community.

Travel Services

Travel services including any travel bookings or car rentals should be managed through PantherExpress Travel & Expense Management program, including the use of Anthony Travel agents and Concur.

Charter and school bus transportation contracts:

Charter bus and school bus transportation is provided through Lenzner Shuttle Division, Lenzner Coach USA, and Matthews Bus Company. Contact the University's Transportation Department at 412-624-8801 or with your transportation requirements including date, time, start and end points, itinerary, and number of travelers. The University's Transportation Department will then provide you with a request form that you will use to request a quote, obtain more information if needed, and obtain confirmation. Do not contact Lenzner or Matthews directly, and do not process confirmations from Lenzner or Matthews through the PantherExpress System. See this webpage for more information.

University Logo & Promotional Items

University Logo:

Even though your purpose may be noncommercial (i.e. not for resale), you must still purchase items that display a University logo from a supplier that has permission and a license to use the University of Pittsburgh's name, logo, or trademark.
View this page for information about purchasing items with the University Logo.

Promotional Items (not for resale) Where to Buy Them:

View this page for a list of authorized suppliers that carry University promotional items.

Further information:

In an effort to ensure the appropriate and legal use of the University’s trademarks, logos, and word marks, we are asking that you only purchase University branded promotional items (not for resale) from University Licensees (i.e. authorized suppliers that carry University promotional items - same link as above).  

University Licensees and University-wide Contracted Suppliers:

Only suppliers specifically designated as University Licensees have rights to produce products using University of Pittsburgh trademarks and word marks. Suppliers designated as University-wide Contracted Suppliers are not automatically University Licensees unless designated as such. At this time, we do not have a University-wide Contracted Supplier that is also a University Licensee. If a University Licensee becomes a University-wide Contracted Supplier, this distinction will be made in our supplier directory and in our announcements. 

For further information about the use of the University’s name, logos, trademarks, and service marks, please refer to University policy 08-01-01.

If you have questions, please contact Lori Burens, Director of Licensing and Merchandising.



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