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COMPUTER SOFTWARE PURCHASES - University Faculty, Students, and Staff.

In order to best protect the University of Pittsburgh, all software licenses, because they include non-standard terms and conditions, must be reviewed by Purchasing Services and the Office of University Counsel prior to purchase in accordance with University policy 05-02-05.

Purchasing Services, along with the Office of University Counsel and Computing Services and Pitt IT, has developed and implemented an overall software licensing review procedure that is outlined on the Software Licensing Agreement Checklist. When considering the purchase of any software, the checklist should be used. The checklist is designed to ensure that the software review procedure is expedited and administered uniformly throughout the University.

Please note that the review process is required of all software purchases, including maintenance, renewals, and/or upgrades, not made through Pitt IT’s Software Licensing Services*. To expedite the review process, please submit all required documentation, inclusive of the completed Software Licensing Agreement Checklist.

Note: Requisitions for software purchases submitted to Purchasing Services without the required supporting documentation will be returned to the requesting department.

Software FAQ

Which purchasing methods can be used to purchase software:

  • PantherExpress System: Yes - through the software form or the CDW-G Punchout

  • Pitt IT: Yes - visit this page.

  • P-Card: Only if you are authorized and have gone through training. View instructions here.

  • University Travel Card: No - Software purchases, including software subscription purchases, are not allowed on the Travel Card.

Can a department issue a PO for less than $10,000 for a software license agreement?

No. Since nearly all software providers will not agree to the University's standard
terms and conditions, and there are possible intellectual property and "deemed export"
liabilities that may far exceed the value of the license, ALL software license agreements
should be executed by Purchasing with additional reviews by both Pitt IT and the Office
of University Counsel.

I currently submit my department’s invoices to pay for software licenses through a paper disbursement request.  I understand, however, that paper disbursements are being eliminated.  How should I submit those invoices using the PantherExpress System?

All software licenses, except for Click-Wrap, Click to Accept, Shrink Wrapped, and Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Subscriptions that are processed through a P-Card must be purchased through the Software Purchase Order Standard Form in the PantherExpress System. 

Invoices to pay for software licenses must have the purchase order number on the face of the invoice and should be sent directly from the supplier to Payment Processing. If the supplier sends the invoice to the department, the invoice should be forwarded through interoffice mail to Payment Processing at 200 ATWD. 

For software that was properly licensed prior to the use of the PantherExpress System and a purchase order number is not currently active in PRISM, a purchase order number must be created in the PantherExpress System.  The department must submit a Software Purchase Order Standard Form in the PantherExpress System and attach a copy of the fully executed software license agreement. 

Purchasing Services will create a purchase order in the PantherExpress System and provide the purchase order number to the department.  The department will handwrite the purchase order number on the current invoice and forward through inter-office mail to Payment Processing at 200ATWD. 

Future invoices should reference the purchase order number and be sent directly from the supplier to Payment Processing. Purchasing Services can distribute the purchase order directly to the supplier, when applicable. 

*Software offered through Pitt IT’s Software Licensing Services (SLS) is exempt from the software licensing review process. SLS offers the best overall cost of ownership, assurance of University compliance, and expedited receipt of software. Contact SLS for all software availability questions.


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